01-14 Aug 2019 : AICTE Sponsored Two Week FDP on Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks..


AICTE Sponsored Two Week FDPon

Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks Theory to Practice

1-14 August, 2019

About FDP:

5G and Cognitive Radio (CR) are the two emerging technologies to meet the heavy mobile data traffic of future wireless networks. The new era of communication will be dominated by 5G in future. In this FDP, subject experts from esteemed academic institutes will enlighten the participants with their experiences in research related to Cognitive Radio and Wireless Sensor Networks and throw some light on research topic selection and problem statement development. Also, experts from academia and industry will provide hands-on practice to participants on implementation of Cognitive radio concepts using SDR hardware, 5G physical layer implementation using MATLAB, and Wireless sensor networks using NS-2 and NS-3 simulation tools.


Please register to FDP using the following Google form link: Click here

Download the Brochure: Click here

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