Student Clubs


The Amateur Astronomy Association (A A A) was started as a small effort to fuel the passion of some young minds towards the field of astronomy. Astronomy is an age old science and deals with the study of stars, galaxies, planets and other heavenly bodies. Children look at the stars in awe and excitingly recite the nursery rhyme: ‘twinkle  twinkle  little  star,  how I  wonder  what  you are...’ But this curiosity wears off as they grow up.  This club is therefore initiated, with the encouragement of our generous  Chairman  Sri  K.  V.  Vishnu  Raju  and the management, to rekindle that long extinguished flame.

With the advent of KONUSMOTOR DIGIMAX 90, a refracting type telescope in January 2011, the AAA Club seriously began its journey into the outer space by watching heavenly objects through this telescope, which has been a real feast to their eyes. Students have been taken to Birla Planetarium, Hyderabad.  Future activities of this club are going to explore the wonders of the universe. 


On 5th of June 2011, Eco Friendly Club was born uniting nine positively driven students under the guidance of K.Jagadish, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, with an idea of helping local people to protect environment with their right attitude. This club is a culmination of students' passion towards chemistry concerned works and environmental hazards. 


On the auspicious day of 26th September 2011, IDEA Club came into existence. The IDEA Club is a place where students get a chance to exhibit their innovative and creative ideas. The main motto is to bring awareness about the advantage of reading books, to motivate students to be proactive and to sharpen their creative talents. Under this IDEA Club many activities are organized frequently to test their creative thinking.  This kind of exposure widens their knowledge, vocabulary and analytical ability. 


At SVECW the late bloomer, Painting Club, has been blooming luxuriously with many activities from 9th July 2012.  Painting is a creative art.  Basically it is an innate skill and some children at a very early age are found to be good at drawing pictures and painting things around them. If parents can identify and nurture their interest, he or she will become a good painter.

Painting Club aims at encouraging the new talents by identifying students with a zeal. At SVECW, many amateur painters are encouraged to participate in various competitions. Their paintings are exhibited in the campus in various special occasions. Students, being a part of Painting Club utilize every opportunity to fine tune their creative skills.

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Music Club of SVECW is dedicated to the promotion of Indian Classical Music, among the student community those who love and appreciate music. This club mainly focuses on providing inexpensive training on vocal music to provide the basic surs and taals of Indian Classical Music, by which the students are able to learn the basics of real musical talent required in the music industry.