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Seminars / Workshops / Conferences :


Seminars / Workshops / Conferences

27th-29th   Feb. 2020

Three-day Training Program on “Electric & Hybrid Vehicles (E&HV)”

26th-27th   Sep. 2019

Two day Workshop on “PCB Designing & Manufacturing

19th – 21st  Dec. 2018

Three day Workshop on “Power Electronic Technologies for PV Systems”

10th – 12th Oct. 2018

Three day Workshop on “Recent Trends in Green Technologies(RTGT-2018)

6th – 10th Aug. 2018

Five Day Workshop on Recent Advances in Control Systems and its Applications” (RACSA-2018)

19th – 24th Feb.  2018

One week Faculty Development Program on “Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering: A Research Perspective (RTEE-2018)

20th – 24th Nov.  2017

One Week Faculty Development Program on “Applications of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems”(APERES-2017)

18th -22th Sep. 2017

One Week Faculty Development Program on “Computer-Aided Design of Electrical Machines”

26th -28th July  2017

Three-day Workshop on “Recent trends in Smart Electric Grid” 

03rd -08th Oct.  2016

TEQIP-II sponsored One week Faculty Development Program on “Advance and Applications of Power Electronic Converters" (AAPEC)

26th Sep. -01st Oct.  2016

TEQIP-II sponsored One week FDP on “Real Time practices in Electrical & Electronics Engineering" (RTPEEE)

12th -17th Sep.  2016

TEQIP-II sponsored One week Faculty Development Program on “Modern Control of Electric Drives" (MCED-2K16)

22nd -28th Aug. 2016

TEQIP-II sponsored  One week Faculty Development Program on "Challenges in Distributed Generation and Grid Integration" (CDGGI)

25th  -30th July 2016

TEQIP-II sponsored One Week Faculty Development Program on “Computational Tools for Electrical Systems”

29th -30th Jan. 2016

3rd National Conference on “Emerging Technologies in Electrical & Electronics Engineering”(ETE-2016) Under TEQIP – II

5th -7th Nov.2015

Three Day Faculty Development Program on “Research Challenges in Smart Grid” (RCSG – 2k15)

2nd -3rd Nov.2015


TEQIP-II Sponsored A Two Day National level workshop on “Electrical Computer Aided Design (ECAD)"

7th -12th Sep. 2015

TEQIP-II Sponsored National Level One Week Faculty Development Program  on “Application of Optimization Techniques to Electrical Systems” (AOTES-2015)

13th -14th Feb. 2015

2nd National Conference on “Emerging Technologies in Electrical & Electronics Engineering”(ETE-2015) Under TEQIP – II


2nd  -3rd  Jan. 2015

Two day Workshop on “Design & sizing of  “Aerostat”


8th -12th Dec. 2014

TEQIP-II Sponsored Five day National Level FDP on “Research and Development in Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Sources (RDPCRS – 2k14)

28th -29th Nov.  2014

Two day workshop on “Familiarization with Aerostat Technology” Under TEQIP-II

22nd Nov.  2014

One day workshop on “Preventive maintenance of lab Equipment” Under TEQIP –II

25th Oct. 2014

One day National Level Workshop on “IPR AND PATENTS” Under TEQIP–II

21st - 25th Apr. 2014

TEQIP-II Sponsored National Level Five Day Faculty Development Program on “ Advances in Energy & Control Systems (AECS-2014)”

29th Mar. 2014

One day workshop on “Energy Saving Methodologies” for Non-Teaching Staff under TEQIP-II

7th - 8th Feb. 2014

National Conference on “Emerging Technologies in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(ETE–2014)” Under TEQIP - II

26th-28th Dec. 2013

Three day workshop on “Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Sources and Integration to Grid” under TEQIP-II

22nd Dec. 2012

One Workshop on “Programmable Logic Controllers” under TEQIP II conducted by EEE, ECE & MECH Depts. for Technical Staff

7th -9th Oct.2012

Three day workshop on “Power Electronic Converters” under TEQIP II

6th -10th Aug. 2012

TEQIP-II Sponsored Five Day Faculty Development Program on “Simulation of Electrical Systems”

3rd & 4th Aug. 2012

Two day workshop on “Simulation of Electrical Systems” under TEQIP II

6th & 7th Jan. 2012

Two Day Workshop on “MATLAB Tools”

13th-18th June 2011

Staff Development Program on “Recent Advances in Power Electronics for Power Quality Improvement”

27th-28th Mar. 2010

AICTE sponsored Seminar on “Reactive Power Compensation Using DSTATCOM”

29th-30th Dec. 2007

National Conference on “Recent Trends in Modeling simulation and intelligent control of Electrical Systems”.

13th-15th July  2007

National Workshop (for students) on “simulation tools in Engineering & Technology”

12th -15th Feb. 2007

One day seminar on “Application of MATLAB 7.0 version in mathematical Analysis”.

18th June 2005

One day seminar on “Application of simulation tools in Electrical Engineering”.

16th May 2003

One day seminar on “Role of network theory in Electrical Engineering”

Guest Lectures :


Resource Person


Topic Covered


G Yatendra

Research Scholar, IIT Hyderabad

Latex- An Efficient Documentation Tool


Dr. V Joshi Manohar

Professor, MINA Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women

Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Research and Education for Sustainable Energy Future


Mr. V V Raghava Rao

Senior Scientist, DRDO

System  Engineering-  Quality and Reliability


P Basavarao

Executive Engineer, NLC India Ltd

Thermal Power Generation and Trade


Mr. K. Bhaskar Sharma

IBM, Hyderabad

Connecting the Dots and ERP


Mr. V. Rajasekaran

Sr. Application Engineer at  Innovative Invaders Technologies, Coimbatore

Introduction to NI Graphical System

Design Platform LabVIEW


Dr. P. V. Raj Gopal

Addl. General Manager (Retired),

BHEL, R&D, Hyderabad 

Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Dr. A Jagadeesh

Director, Nayudamma center for Development Alternatives, Nellore, A. P

Innovative Green Technologies for  Sustainable Development


Mr. SK. Riyaz Babu

AE, RTPP, Kadapa, A. P

Familiarization of thermal power plants- practical study


Mr. S. K. Banik

Sr. Section Engineer, South

Eastern Railways

Railway Electrical Systems


Mr. V. Radha Krishna

Electrical Manager, Associate Decors Limited, Maluru, Karnataka

Automation and instrumentation in process Industry


A.Vijay Bhaskar

Sr. Engineer, BHEL, Hyderabad

Testing and Maintenance of

Electrical Machines


Er. Bhanu Prasad

Sr. Engineer, Siemens India

Limited, Bangalore

PLC Automation


Dr. Y. Nagendra Kumar

HR Manager, AKER Solutions

HR & Personality Development Skills


Er. V. S. R Murthy

Assistant Divisional Engineer, APTRANSCO

Operational challenges &

maintenance of distribution system


A .Kiran Kumar

Design Engineer, Intel India

Basics of Embedded Systems


Er. O. V. J. Raja

DE, AP TRANSCO, Vijayawada

Electricity : Generation, Transmission & Distribution


Er. Ch. Subrahmanyam

ADE, TLSS, 132kV/33kV, Nidadavole

Present Scenario of Power System in India


Dr. A. Chandra Sekhar

Professor and Head, Dept. of Engineering Mathematics, GITAM Institute of Technology, GU - VIZAG

Laplace transforms and Fourier series applications in Electrical Engineering


Mr. S.Ganapathi

Retired SE, A.P. Transco

Energy Management for Nations Growth


Dr. T.S. Surendra

Principal, BVRIT



Dr. J. Viswanadha Rao

Swarnandra College, Narsapur

Distributed Generation


Prof. V. Kama Raju

Mahaveer College, Hyderabad



Prof. V. Kama Raju

Mahaveer College, Hyderabad

High Voltage Engg.


Prof. N. Yadaiah

JNTUCE, Anantapur

Control Systems


Dr. G. Tulasi Ramdas

JNTUCE, Hyderabad

Multilevel Inverters


Dr. Ch. Sai Babu

JNTUCE, Anantapur

Reliability aspects of HVDC


Dr. K. S. R. Anjaneyulu

Director, 21st century Gurukulam, Anantapur

Embedded system applications


Prof. B.R.M. Gandhi

Gayathri Vidhya Parishad college of Engg. Vizag

Global Technology Awareness


Dr. Y. P. Obulesh

Dept. of EEE, A.U.

Recent trends in power electronics and drives


Dr. S. Mukherjee

Professor, Dept of EE, IIT (Roorkee)

Application ANN in paper Industry


Dr. S. Mukherjee

Professor, Dept of EE, IIT (Roorkee)

Basics of ANN


Dr. K. Uma Rao

Professor & Head, Dept. of EEE, Gayathri Vidya Parishad Coll. of Engg, Vizag

Flexible AC Trans mission System(FACTS)


Mr. N.L.V. Prasad Rao

Retd. Chief Engineer/APSEB

SCADA and application in power system


Dr. K A Gopal Rao

Professor & Head, Dept. of EE, Andhra University

State Space Approaches in Control System design


Dr. K A Gopal Rao

Professor & Head Dept. of EE, Andhra University

System Identification


Mr. N.V. V. R Kumar

Power electronics systems BHEL Ltd Hyd

Power Electronics Project Design Operation.


Dr. K A Gopal Rao

Professor & Head Dept.of EE Andhra University

Fuzzy Logics Application in Power Systems


Dr. G.V.K.R. Sastry

Professor & Head Dept.of EE Andhra University

Basics of Interval System Analysis

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