Examination System

The Powers and Duties of Examination Cell (EC)

  • The EC shall ensure proper performance of the various duties in conducting examinations viz. paper setting, time table preparation, assessment and declaration of results.
  • The EC shall recommend examination reforms and shall implement them after approval of academic council.
  • The EC shall prepare the detailed time table of examinations as per the schedule approved by chief superintendent, Dean Academics and COE.
  • The EC shall arrange for strict vigilance during the conduct of examination so as to avoid use of unfair means by the students, faculty, and invigilators.
  • The members of EC shall meet at least twice during the academic year and at other times as and when necessary.
  • The various formats shall be prepared by EC for record keeping and monitoring all examination related activities.
  • The EC shall perform such duties and responsibilities that are assigned by Academic Council of the institute from time to time.
  • Controller of Examination (CE) shall be assisted by the Deputy Controller of Examinations(DCE) and Assistant Controllers of Examination (ACE) for carrying out activities:


Regular Semester End Examinations

  • Theory Courses:The external examination shall be conducted at the end of the semester for 70 marks. The question paper shall be set by the examiner (from the list of external examiners approved by EC ) in the following pattern:
      • Part–A: Part A contains a mandatory question (Brain Storming /thought provoking- case study) for 22 marks.
      • Part–B: Part B has 6 questions (1from each unit ) The student has to answer 3 out of 6 questions . The Part B carries a weightage of 16 marks each.
  • Lab Courses (Practical / Practice / Workshop):
      • For practicals, there shall be continuous evaluation during the semester for 25 internal marks. Of the 25 marks for internal, 15 marks shall be awarded as follows: day-to-day work 10 and Record 5, and 10 marks to be awarded by conducting an internal laboratory test. The end examination shall be conducted by the Internal and external examiner for 50 marks.


Supplementary Examinations

The supplementary examinations for B.Tech. will be conducted usually 2-3 weeks after announcement of results.


Central Assessment/Evaluation

  • Assessment of answer books of semester end examination shall be done by external evaluators.
  • All evaluators to sit together to decide a common scheme of evaluation in writing before beginning assessment.
  • Award step-wise marks for each solved question.
  • Transfer marks carefully on the front page of the answer book and carry out total of marks correctly.
  • Blank pages should be struck and signed by evaluator of the answer book.
  • The evaluator shall neither put any comment nor any markings in the answer script. He/she shall place the marks for answers in specified spaces provided on the cover page.
  • He/she shall put signature with his/her name in the space provided on the cover page of the answer book.
  • He/she, who handled the answer book later, should hand over valued answer books to concerned officials.


Revaluation of Answer books

If student is aggrieved of marks declared, she may apply for the revaluation of answer book by paying prescribed fee. All the cases of re-valuation where the change in marks occur, they should get corrected in the EC Records.