Vishnu R&D Center

Vishnu R&D Center, a unit of Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women, has been established to catalyze proactive applied research to help and solving industries' technical problems and is positioned to address and contribute to the market and society needs.

The goals of the research center, in general, are to

  • Publish papers in refereed International Journals and Conferences
  • File patent applications in market-dependent countries
  • Assert relationship with multi-national research labs
  • Submit proposals to several funding agencies

The research center works in a proactive manner to lay a foundation for work in a particular area and based on this foundational work, submits concrete proposals to corporate R&D labs and government funding agencies. The research center is keen to offer applied research and development services and explicitly demonstrate the value addition.

The Research Center focuses on various independent domains and encourages Multidisciplinary Research.


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