22 - 27 Feb 2021 : One Week International Student & Faculty Development Programme in Association With INDIAN CONCRETE INSTITUTE - Student Chapter @ CE Dept.

Engineering is a massive domain where assorted formulations prevail with time. With every new finding, the world is marching towards a better and sustainable fabrication. Nevertheless, the flourishment of engineering, the sector of civil engineering has to do a central lead in the gameplay. With the rising evolution in the engineering sector, it has become mandatory for our civil engineers to cope up with the thriving amelioration. Breaking through the myths and folk tales of ancient history, the grow this highly witnessed with prospering latitudes for civil engineers in every field. Among all, transportation takes the forefront with a high expectancy of excellence and instigation. Every specialization of civil engineering is a juncture where transportation networks the connectivity amid each. Being the skipper of the show, the transportation engineers hold the high responsibility of enhancing safety through traffic and comfy through pavements.


Mentoring the pavement with high traffic safety is the hour of need and upon concentrating on this aspect for a lasting time; there are multifarious recourses in line. With every quick fix, there arises a query followed by a theory that needs a lucid delineation. Upon targeting the arising hitches and snag, every complication requiring a way-out exclusively with experience and circumstances. Knotting all the loose ends, this One-Week International Student & Faculty Development Program anchors over transportation as a substantial concept and deals with the enlightening of present and future generations over the demand and call for innovative researches and experimentations in the field of transportation engineering for a better and sustainable society. Contemplating the initiative of a month-long campaign "National Road Safety Month" observed from 18th January 2021 to 17thFebruary 2021, let us join hands in necessitating safety as a prime-move and promote the theme of this year.


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