13 - 15 Oct 2022 :: 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Construction Technologies & Advancements in Civil Engineering @ Dept. of CE


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Sustainable Construction Technologies and Advancements in CivilEngineering, ScTACE 2020 & ScTACE 2021 extends its journey byappending more note-worthy and top-notched accessories. The thirdedition of ScTACE is reinvigorated in October 2022, The InternationalConference on Sustainable Construction Technologies & Advancements inCivil Engineering. ScTACE 2022 aims to provide collaborative opportunitiesfor researchers, leading academic scientists, research scholars andindustrial practitioners in which the latest research and practice inSustainable Construction Technologies and Advancements in CivilEngineering viz., emphasis on Structures, Transportation, GeotechnicalEnvironmental, Remote Sensing and so on are shared, discussed andpromoted. ScTACE 2022 will encourage interdisciplinary and welcomecontributions that span engineering and allow researchers andpractitioners to exchange ideas on the latest developments in sustainableconstruction technologies and advances in civil engineering. Therefore,ScTACE 2022 cordially invites you all to be part of the InternationalConference and join hands in extending our togetherness towards aforeverness of professionalism in the world of sustainable civil engineering.

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