EEE Laboratories

The Department has well established laboratories with latest equipment. The laboratories include Networks Laboratory, Electrical Machines Laboratory, Electrical Measurements Laboratory, Control Systems Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Simulation of Electrical systems Laboratory, Power Electronics and Drives Lab, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab. 

Electric Circuits Lab

The objective of Electric Circuits laboratory is to impart hands on experience in verification of circuit laws and theorems, measurement of circuit parameters, study of circuit characteristics and simulation of time response. It also gives practical exposure to the usage of CRO, power sources, function generator etc.

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AC Machine Lab and DC Machine Lab

The department has a well-equipped electrical machines lab. It provides hands on practice to the students to connect and operate the machines. Also they will observe and understand the characteristics of different types of electrical machines. This  gives them a comprehensive picture of utilization of electric power in different industries.

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Electrical Measurements Lab

This lab comprises of phase shifting transformers, reactive load and various other equipment used for calibration and measurement of electrical quantities. This laboratory is equipped with all electrical bridge circuits like Kelvin's Double Bridge, Anderson's bridge, Schering Bridge to facilitate the measurement of unknown values of elements like resistor, capacitor and inductor. Errors in electrical measuring instruments can also be found. We can also find real and reactive power of unbalanced loads.

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Control Systems Lab

The aim of this Control System laboratory is to provide sound knowledge in the basic concepts of linear control theory and design of control system, to understand the methods of representation of systems and getting their transfer function models, to provide adequate knowledge in the time response of systems and steady state error analysis, to give basic knowledge is obtaining the open loop and closed–loop frequency responses of systems and to understand the concept of stability of control system and methods of stability analysis. It helps the students study the compensation design for a control system. This lab consists of DC,AC servomotor, synchros, DC position control, PID controller kit with temperature control, lead lag compensator kit, PLC kit etc.

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Power Electronics Lab

This lab is specially designed and developed for the students to observe the true nature and characteristics of various power semiconductor devices available in the market till date. Without knowing the application of these devices the students will remain as theoreticians. Keeping this in view, the lab designed some circuits, which cover all the types of applications such as rectifiers, inverters, choppers, and cycloconverters. So at the end of the semester the student will get equipped to handle any power semi-conductor device and any power electronic circuit. Also, the department encourages students to take up projects and mini projects by providing them the required components and kits.

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Simulation Lab

The lab is equipped with electrical system simulation softwares like MATLAB/SIMULINK, PSPICE, PSCAD. In MATLAB, various tool boxes like power system toolbox, Artificial Neural Networks tool box, Fuzzy Logic tool box and Control Systems toolbox etc., are available. With the help of these softwares a complex electrical system can be analyzed for optimization in a cost effective manner.

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Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab

This lab gives the idea of microprocessors like 8085, 8086 and microcontrollers like 8051 to the students. In this lab, the students are trained in writing programs for different engineering problems using TASM. This lab is also useful for the students to know the interfacing of the microprocessors and microcontrollers to different applications like display, rotating motors, etc.

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Power Converters and Drives Lab

In this lab, students undergo practical training using power converters and control of both ac and dc drives. Students observe the true nature and characteristics of both single phase and three phase converters fed to the DC drives and AC Drives, DSP based V/F control of 3 phase induction motor drive, performance and speed control of three phase slip ring induction motor by static rotor resistance control etc.

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