Internet of Things Lab

Internet of Things Lab - Improving quality of life of humans through technology

Objectives of the Practice

ü  Support multidisciplinary experiments.

ü  Bring the researcher and the end-user together, with closer interactions between the experiments and the society

 ü  Pursuing, supporting and taking part in research and development activities

 The Context

The establishment of the IoT lab started with a one week workshop with Mr. Vinay, CEO Thingsnet and after the completion of the workshop our belowed Principal sir Mr. G. Srinivasa Rao was very impressed with the review given by the students who have attended the workshop and also after looking after the project done by the students with in the workshop. He is also inspired by the thoughts and implementation of the students in the field of IoT and the projects deal with the simplyfing of human life and also improving the yield of the aqua culture. These ideas put forth by the students have helped principal sir in establishing a center for students to work in that area and it has evolved as Internet of Things Lab.


The Practice

The Internet of  Things(IoT) in Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women(SVECW), Bhimavaram, W.G.Dist, Andhra Pradesh is a vision of Shri K.V.Vishnu Raju, the Chairman of Shri Vishnu Educational Society, to ignite the minds of the young asspirants and also make it as a multidisciplinary activity for the enhancement of the students and also in association with the Mr. Vinay, CEO Thingsnet.

IoT Lab helps the students in providing a good learning environmentand also work with real time problems faced in day to day life. It also enhances collaborative learning and also will help in getting much knowledge in multid isciplinary streams irrespective of the course taken by them.

Each team coming up with some idea will are supposed to have a brain stroming session and the idea has to be presented to the rest of the teams and then students start working with the design and also various components that are supposed to be used and any other cost reducing alternative which are present and then only the students work in a modular way and the final output is obtained.


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