The Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE), with headquarters at University of Massachusetts Lowell, was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007.

The vision of IUCEE is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education and research in India with a major focus on faculty, student and curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies & research.

The IUCEE process is making progressive strides from the past five years. Each year, international experts from the US travel to India to discuss global best practices in teaching and research in different fields of engineering with Indian faculty from public & private colleges in one-week workshops at Faculty Leadership Institutes (FLI).

In 2008, Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women was selected as an IUCEE Provisional Regional Centre. This is one of two regional centres in Andhra Pradesh. These Regional Centres are established throughout India in order to scale up and sustain the impact.

Later, the IUCEE College Consortium was created in 2010 with 22 college members. Gradually it has increased to 77 members by 2013. SVECW has been the member of IUCEE College Consortium since 2010. Through the membership SVECW receives special assistance in establishing collaborations with US experts and MOUs with US colleges as well as opportunities for publicity and branding at various global forums.

IUCEE Virtual Academy

The IUCEE Virtual Academy uses on-line technology, for US experts to conduct live Webinars and MiniCourses to faculty and students all over India.


Mini Courses attended by our Faculty and Students

Mini course:  “Programmable Systems on a Chip” - Sep-Oct 2012

·         10 lecture course

·         4 Faculty and 60 students have attended this course

·         The recordings are available in IUCEE portal

 Mini course: “Compiler Design” - Feb-March 2013

·         8 lecture course

·         2 Faculty and 60 III B. Tech IT students have attended this course

·         The recordings are available in IUCEE portal 

Mini Course: “Power Systems” - Feb-March 2013

·         8 lecture course

·         2 Faculty and 60 III B. Tech EEE students have attended this course 

·         The recordings are available in IUCEE portal



IUCEE webinars offered during 2012 - 13


S. No



Date & Time


Probability Refresher

Rao Vemuri; UC Davis

Sept 25th, 2012


ABET Accreditation

Srinivas Palanki; Univ of South Alabama

Sept 27th, 2012  


Globalization in Engineering

S.K.Ramesh; Cal State Northridge

Sept 27th, 2012  


Introduction and Current Status of Solar Technology

 Parag Vasekar; SUNY Binghampton 

Sept 27th, 2012  


Agile Software Development Overview

Vijay Kanabar; Boston University 

Sept 28th, 2012  


Advanced Materials for Electronics, Photonics and Sensors

Guru Subramanyam; University of Dayton 

Sept 28th, 2012  


Shape Memory Alloys

Abhijit Bhattacharyya; University of Arkansas

Oct 16th, 2012  


Introduction to Support Vector Machines

 Rao Vemuri; UC Davis

Oct 16th, 2012  


Current Trends in Internet Evolution and a Framework for Application Delivery

Raj Jain; Washington Univ

Oct 17th, 2012  


Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Bharath Muthuswamy; Milwaukee SOE

Oct 30th, 2012


Introduction to Neural Networks

Rao Vemuri; UC Davis

Oct 30th, 2012


Electric Circuit and Power

Shiva Kumar; McMaster University

Oct 30th, 2012



Jackie Johnson; University of Tennessee

Nov 1st, 2012


Nonlinear Dynamics

C.Nataraj; Villanova University

Nov 2nd, 2012


Protection of Power Grids and Use of Visual and Others Sensors

Arun Somani; Iowa State University 

Nov 6th, 2012


Grand Challenges Part 1

Mohammad Noori

Nov 6th, 2012


Pipeline processor design

Arun Somani; Iowa State University

Nov 7th, 2012


Tissue Engineering

Surya Mallapragada, Iowa State University 

Nov 8th, 2012


Grand Challenges Part 2

Mohammad Noori 

Nov 8th, 2012


RAKSHA: Reliable and Aggressive frameworK for System design using High-integrity Approaches

Arun Somani; Iowa State University

Nov 9th, 2012


Eddy Currents NDE

Lalita Udpa; Michigan State University

Dec 18th, 2012


Introduction to Geometric Programming

Jayant Rajgopal; Univ of Pittsburgh

Dec 19th, 2012


Numerical Methods

Srinivas Palanki; Univ of South Alabama

Dec 19th, 2012


Nano materials and nano composites for structural applications

 R.Prabhakaran; Old DominionUniversity

Dec 20th, 2012


Computational Hydraulics

 Ramesh Agarwal; Washington University

Dec 20th, 2012


Introduction to Vibration Analysis using MATLAB

 C.Nataraj; Villanova University

Dec 21st, 2012


Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Ashwin Mehta,
University of Massachusetts

Jan 3rd, 2013


Social Media Mining

Ishwar Sethi, Professor,  Oakland University,

Jan 4th, 2013


Game Theory

Vincent Winstead,

Associate Professor,
Minnesota State University

Jan 8th, 2013


Energy Systems

Vikram Dalal,
Iowa State University

Jan 9th, 2013

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