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Empowering women through knowledge and action.

Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women is located in Bhimavaram – the central part of Coastal Andhra. The area generally known for its commercial activities has recently established itself as a Center for Academics.

The campus is located in Vishnupur which is 3 km from Bhimavaram on Tadepalligudem Road.

The campus spreads around 100 acres landscape known for its salubrious climate and presents congenial atmosphere to pursue higher studies.

Our infrastructure is vibrant in nature because of constant attempt to maintain pace with the development available. The infrastructure acts as a facilitator for the effective delivery of our curriculum.

Apart from the common central facilities the colleges has well-equipped laboratories, lecture halls, drawing and seminar halls etc.

The organization provides adequate infrastructural support for all sports activities which provide students physical fitness and personality development in turn cultivate in them sportsman spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent.