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Strategic Plans

Strategic Objective

Action Plan

To create an increasingly high-quality and innovative educational experience for all students
  • Systematic Study Plan and practice Scientific Educational Practices in Teaching Learning Process
  • Motivating students for participating in certification programs
  • Conduct Orientation Programs, Value Added Courses, Bridge Courses
  • Segment the students based on their past performance to provide customized training
  • Invite experts from both industry and academia
  • Subscribe for online courses offered by organizations like IUCEE/QEEE/NPTEL/ Coursera etc.
To provide employment and higher education opportunities for students
  • Develop Industry Institute Interaction
  • Setup Liaison offices at all metropolitan Tier-1 cities in India
  • Appoint dedicated placement team
  • Arrange Internal and External placement training for all eligible students
  • Create more internships
  • Provide more placement opportunities
  • Conduct entrepreneurship awareness programs
  • Arrange training on GRE / TOEFL / GATE / Civil Services to aspiring students
To recruit, nurture and retain outstanding faculty and staff
  • Develop faculty award/reward system
  • Customization of faculty
  • Encourage the faculty to participate in workshops and conferences
  • Promote research culture among faculty
To build culture of research among Students and Faculty
  • Encourage and provide necessary finance support to the workforce to actively participate in the research
  • Apply for research center
  • Use theme/special labs to train the students in latest tools and technologies
To promote community development and eco-friendly climate
  • Continuous services to the society through student and faculty involvement
  • Arrange awareness on technical and nutritional knowledge to rural women through Radio Vishnu
  • Establish infrastructure to achieve zero discharge, promote green practices and alternative energy sources