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A healthy Nation would be built only when we have a strong force of cultured and responsible youngsters. So culture and values must be inculcated among children at young age.  It is true that Indian art, culture and values are on the verge of extinction due to the onslaught of western culture and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the culture. 

Today’s education is aimed at preparing students not just for employment but for an overall development. The purpose of education will be served only when education makes youth cultured and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The campus ambiance creates a traditional atmosphere celebrating all Indian festivals in a more natural way with utmost enthusiasm and fun.  The students collectively enjoy themselves every bit of it without false pride or prejudice and create a feeling of ‘Vasudhaika Kutumbakam’. 

Art is a part of our culture which gives an expression to human emotions and feelings. With a wide scope of diversity it brings out latent talents in students. Interested students are encouraged to learn fine arts such as painting, photography, music and decorative art. Required facilities are provided to all such students.

Many special occasions organized in the campus contribute to the well-being of students. For example, Annual Day, Medha Milan (a National level technical symposium), Sports Day etc. These occasions provide ventilation to knowledge, recreation, fine arts, creative ideas and insightful interaction.