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Counselling & Monitoring Committee

Counseling & Mentoring Committee
1 Dr. G. Srinivasa Rao, Principal Chairman
2 Mrs. K. Ratna Kumari, CSE Dept. Member
3 Mr. K. Omkar, EEE Dept. Member
4 Mr. K. Murthy Raju, ECE Dept. Member
5 Mrs. Ch. Harika, CE Dept. Member
6 Mrs. T. Suma Bharathi, IT Dept. Member
7 Mr. N. Srinivasa Rao, ME Dept. Member
8 Dr. A. SriKrishna, AI Dept. Member
9 Mr. A. Khan, English Dept. Member
10 Mr. Ch. Anudeep, MBA Dept. Member
11 Dr. V Purushotham Raju, Dean Academics Coordinator

Responsibilities of Counseling & Mentoring Committee:

  • Information of all the students allotted to him / her in the given formats should be maintained.
  • Weekly counselling reports to be submitted to their respective department counseling in charges.
  • Progress reports are to be prepared at the end of each semester.
  • Progress of the students allotted to them should be monitored with respect to their attendance, mid marks, backlogs etc.
  • Counsellors should council students who are irregular to their class work.
  • Advise the students on all, academic matters and other issues.
  • Inform the details of the students who have shortage of attendance and poor performance in the internal tests to their respective HOD.
  • The department counselling coordinator has to consolidate all the weekly reports & submit them to the college counselling coordinator through their respective HOD.