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Mission R&D

Mission R&D is an innovative initiative with a vision to “transform intelligent, hardworking, motivated students to realize their full potential” and prepare them for a great R&D career at major global corporations. The key objective of this endeavor is to significantly increase the number of women in R&D roles.

Initiated by people who have many years of global product development experience, Mission R&D aims to transform the students through a short duration summer program and put them on a path towards a rewarding R&D career. The program helps the students gain expertise in computer science fundamentals, professional software development tools and latest programming platforms giving them confidence and unleashing their inherent potential to become top R&D engineers. Some major multi-national and start-up companies have signed up to interview the students for R&D roles, immediately after they complete the program.

About Program

This course enhances the efficacy of the students and increases their job opportunities. Mission R&D offers a 6 week course and upon completion, students possess solid product development skills.

What students learn?

  • Computer Science Fundamentals –
    Students will gain strong knowledge reading core CS concepts such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Layered Design, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming languages– This is an essential foundation for one’s professional career.
  • Professional Software Development Tools –
    Students will get trained in using Visual Studio or Eclipse, source control systems, debugging. – This skill is essential for being highly productive in developing quality software, and for being a valuable member of a real world, large scale product development teams
  • Latest Platforms & Programming Paradigms –
    Students will gain hands on experience with Cloud Computing, Touch interfaces, HTML5 with strong emphasis on user experience and visual appeal Some major multi-national and startup companies have signed up to interview these students for R&D roles, immediately after they complete this program. The program is 40 day long, classroom oriented. On a typical day there will be 2 hrs of teaching/discussions on concepts and students will spend the remaining 6 hrs doing software development under the guidance of a teacher. The people who teach in this program are R&D professionals with 10+ years of experience, with passion for teaching and significant global experience; they are resourceful to the students to seek the best and the latest knowledge from them. Last 10 days of the program focuses on real world application development allowing students to apply everything that they learnt in the program.

Students with interest in product development, good logical thinking abilities, perseverance and commitment will benefit greatly from the program, Based on this criteria students will be selected for this program. The main motto is to help the students realize their full potential.

Around six students participated in Mission R & D Summer Training program-2012 at BVRIT HYDERABAD College of Engineering for Women, Nizampet, Hyderabad, and another batch of twelve students participated in the same program organized at IIIT-Hyderabad in 2013. 

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