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Considering that a variety of events like cultural programmes, seminars, debates, plays and other programmes are conducted throughout the year, the SVECW houses an Indoor Auditorium, Open-air-Auditorium, Mini-Auditorium and numerous Seminar Halls which facilitate the students to carry on their activities smoothly and with ease. They attract students to flock together to share, discuss and explore knowledge in their areas of learning.

Smt. B. Seetha Indoor Auditorium is centrally air-conditioned with a fully sound proof setup and equipped with latest technology for all types of audio/video presentations. 

In addition to the Indoor Auditorium, SVECW has an Open-air-Auditorium and Mini-Auditorium, where a vast variety of student activities are regularly arranged.

SVECW has well equipped air conditioned Seminar Halls which can accommodate 250 members each. They are centers for knowledge acquisition since right ambiance is created with a podium, a computer system with internet facility, an LCD projector and a sound system.