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Academic and Administrative Audit Committee

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. V. Purushothama Raju, Dean – Academics Chairman
2 Dr. T Sudheer Kumar, ECE Dept. Member
3 Dr. S Dileep Kumar Varma, EEE Dept. Member
4 Dr. Ratikanta Sahoo, ECE Dept. Member
5 Dr. T. Gayathri, CSE Dept. Member
6 Dr. S. Ravi Kumar, IT Dept. Member
7 Mrs. T Madhavi, AI Dept. Member
8 Mr. U D S Pratap Varma, ME Dept. Member
9 Mr. B. Venkatesh, CE Dept. Member
10 Mr. D.B.N. Suresh Varma, Chemistry Dept. Member
11 Dr. R. Vasu Babu, Matematics Dept. Member
12 Mrs. P. Prasanthi, English Dept. Member
13 Mr. J. V. Krishna Kumar Member
14 Mr. Ch. Anudeep Member
  • Academic audit committee is being constituted by the Head of the Institution with members from all the departments and headed by a Senior faculty as Chairman of the Committee.
  • Once the committee is constituted, the date and time of the academic audit will be informed to the respective departments well in advance.
  • Each Department is expected to get ready with the following documents and display them before the Academic Audit Committee.
       – Teaching Records, Course Files with all Necessary Documents
       – Faculty Research Publications
       – Result Analysis and Attainment of Course Outcomes for all the courses taught  during the academic year
       – Documented evidence of all Student achievements

  • The members of academic audit go through all their records of the courses taught during the academic year.
  • At the end, the committee briefs all the strengths and deficiencies of the departments.
  • A consolidated report is prepared by the chairman academic and administrative audit committee along with the members of AAA Committee.
  • Hard copies of the reports duly signed are being submitted to the Head of the Institution for perusal.

Based on the report submitted, the Head of the Institution send all the individual reports of each department and will ask to submit the compliance report after addressing all the deficiencies identified or found by the Academic and Administrative Audit Committee