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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

S. No.NameDesignationType of MembershipPosition
1Dr. G. Srinivasa RaoPrincipalHead of the InstitutionChairman
2Sri. J. V. S. S. Prasad RajuDirector-Admin, SVESManagementMember
3Prof. P. Venkata Rama RajuVice PrincipalAdministrative OfficerMember
4Dr. G. Subba RajuPlacement OfficerAdministrative OfficerMember
5Dr. G. R. L. V. N. S. RajuDean R & DAdministrative OfficerMember
6Dr. V Purushotham RajuDean AcademicsAdministrative OfficerMember
7Mr. Md. SiddiqAOAdministrative OfficerMember
8Mr. S. S. S. VarmaManager, SVESAdministrative OfficerMember
9Mr. N. Praveen KumarAsst. Prof., AI Dept.FacultyMember
10Dr. M. V. SrikanthAsst. Prof., EEE DeptFacultyMember
11Dr. G. Durga PrasadProfessor., AI DeptFacultyMember
12Dr. S. Hanumantha RaoProfessor, ECE DeptFacultyMember
13Mr. K. P. SwaroopAsst. Prof., EEE Dept.FacultyMember
14Dr. M. V. Ganeswara RaoAssoc. Prof., ECE Dept.FacultyMember
15Dr. K. Rama Chandra RaoProfessor., CSE DeptFacultyMember
16Dr. N. SilpaAsst. Prof., CSE Dept.FacultyMember
17Mrs. P. LavanyaAsst. Prof., CE Dept.FacultyMember
18Dr. T. S. R. MurthyProfessor, BS Dept.FacultyMember
19Sri. G. V M RajuVillage President, KovvadaLocal SocietyMember
20Mr. A. Surya Narayana VarmaDGM ProductionsEmployerMember
21Mr. M. Shanmukha Vara PrasadParentParentMember

Mrs. K. Aparna


IC2, ServiceNowAlumniMember
23Ms. G. S A Madhu SamhitaII Year StudentStudentMember
24Ms. V. VaishaliniIII Year StudentStudentMember
25Dr. V. V R Maheswara RaoDean Statutory BodiesAdministrative OfficerCoordinator

In order to make SVECW the first choice of students and staff, the objectives of IQAC are

  • To empower women in professional courses
  • To achieve Academic Excellence
  • To explore hidden talent of the students by providing a unique learning experience
  • To build confidence among students in analyzing complex problems and in taking decisions
  • To inculcate acquisition of superior knowledge working skills
  • To develop competence among students to build, motivate and lead project teams effectively
  • To enable the students to acquire communication skills to help in presenting any matter coherently, rationally and convincingly
  • To adopt co-operative approach in problem solving
  • To establish interface between Institute and Industry