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Campus Recruitment Training

CRT: In-house Training

We have a training centre with experienced and highly talented faculty drawn from various departments of Engineering, English, Mathematics and Management to extend In-house training to the students.

This training is strengthened further by the services of highly reputed professional training institutions such as Elephos, Productivity Reach, Gate Forum etc. With all their practical exposure in the area of aptitude, reasoning, verbal, group discussions, interviews, C, C++ and Java, they are of much help for students placements.

We are sure that our training will certainly boost up the confidence levels of the students, enhance their conceptual knowledge, harness their skills and make them more employable.

CDP: Career Development Program

The college offers Career Development Program for all III B.Tech students which comprises extensively the topics relating to Aptitude, Reasoning, English, C language, DBMS and all core subjects.

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For all the II B.Tech students of Circuit branches additional training in C-program was being offered by the college on continuous basis.

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