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Institution Innovation Cell

About IIC Institute:

The MHRD’s National Innovation and Startup Policy is a guiding framework that needs to be put into place in institutions to help with actions related to innovation and entrepreneurship. According to this framework, the Institution Innovation Council of SVECW takes on the task of building an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. This is made possible by VISHVA TBI, which was started at the college under NIDHI TBI, and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell.


  • To be recognized as a leading institution in the environment for promoting innovation and to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship in the campus.
  • To make products and technologies that meet the needs of society by offering the innovative minds to be job providers.


  • Organise regular workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals to facilitate the dissemination and cultivation of creative ideas.
  • Engage in professional networking activities with professionals and established national organisations focused on fostering entrepreneurship.
  • Organize idea contests and Project Exhibitions to showcase the innovative ideas.
  • Create an ecosystem that will foster entrepreneurial spirit among Faculty and Students. Offer mentorship to translate ideas into products and services that cater to the needs of the society.

Journey of IIC established at the Institute:

The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) is one of the Unique Initiatives of MoE’s Innovation Cell, Govt. of India to promote Innovation, Start-up and Entrepreneurship activities. Our college registered for IIC in A.Y:2018- 2019, to promote the vision of IIC in terms of Innovation, Start-up and Entrepreneurship among faculty members and students. College got a star rating of 4 out of 5 in IIC 5.0 and ranked in the band of 151-300 in the category of NIRF Innovation ranking 2023. Faculty and Students actively take part in various programs conducted by MIC, IIC and the college also conducts related activities on its own as self-driven activities.