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Wi-Fi Campus

SVECW is one of the few Colleges, which can boast of its state-of-the-art computing resources and network across the campus. It has IT Infrastructure that can support 3000+ computer terminals, probably one of the largest wi-fi infrastructure. Following are a few highlighting features:

  • Completely Wi-Fi Campus with 20+ access point, supported on the technology from RUCKUS
  • 86 Mbps of bandwidth for internet with dedicated leased line
  • 1000 + workstations supported by Xeon based Rack Servers
  • Powerful servers from IBM for 100% redundancy and efficient data management
  • 10 Km fibre backbone for providing 1GB seamless connectivity
  • D-Link 3627G core switch to provide the needed scalability and traffic control
  • Cyberome High end firewall security featured network
  • 24hrs Power Back Up -320 KVA of online uninterrupted power supply(UPS)
  • 30+ CCTV cameras for 24 hours surveillance to ensure on campus safety and security
  • High end Biometric systems for attendance