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Vishnu TV Academy

Sri Vishnu Educational Society is the only campus in Andhra Pradesh to have a TV Academy exclusively for students and it works with a motto; ‘by the students and for the students’.

This is a sequel to the success of Radio Vishnu and adds hue to the colorful spectrum of already existing creative hub of the students.

The academy aims to encourage students to create and telecast television programmes parallel to the already thriving Radio Vishnu.

The students in Vishnu TV produce motivational documentary films on Health Care, Hygiene, Personality Development, Child Labour, Women Education and Empowerment, Environmental Issues and Social Evils. 

The TV Academy also concentrates on recording Guest Faculty Lectures, Laboratory experiments of special nature, Seminars, Class room presentations, Workshops, Programmes developed by the students, Experiences of the students in the campus.

As a whole, Vishnu TV concentrates on Education, Entertainment, Events and News of the campus.