“I simply got surprised to see so many projects which are distributed for social cause. It benefits to the most needy people (blind dumb hearing impaired mentally handicapped).I particularly wish all the students involved in these projects. I heartily wish them all the best.”

Anupam Datta, Carnegie Mellon University

“Impressed by the enthusiasm of the students. Look forward to a team converting this to beauty. Very nice projects. Good luck.”

M. Sandeep, CII Vice President

“Incredible machine with lovely presentation”

Francis Fage, INRIA

“An outstanding effort by students and faculty. Keep it up.”

Dr.U .Chandra sekhar, Director ESCI, Hyderabad.

“Applications of technology for the social cause are something that you have innovated in this lab with passion for society welfare.”

Prof.P. Thrimurthy, past president, CSI

“Thrilled to see the development and progress by undergraduate students is marvelous. Suggest to work with DRDO.”

Dr.K.Trinath, Associate Director, NSTL Vizag

“This lab is totally dedicated for the society. It is unique lab which works for social cause. This should be encouraged and spread its message all over India.”

Dr.Ranjan Kumar Beshra, Asst. Prof, IIT Patna

“This lab has excellent in developing very humane and generally useful instruments students have tremendous passion in learning needful things and helping the society in general. Keep the good work going and reach new heights. That’s my wish to this great lab.”

Datla Ravi Prasad Raju, Sr.Scientist, Texas Instruments USA

“I am delighted by looking at the great application of technical knowledge useful to the needs of the differently challenged people by the participation of the students-that is really great of this institution. “

Dr. G. Tulasi Ram Das ,VC,JNTUK

“Excellent. Hope the tools can be put to use and popularized. Best Wishes.”

B.Gopala Krishna,TCS,Hyderabad ph:9848548008

“Already highly ignited young minds. Highly appreciable work , R&D and performance.”

J.P.Shivhare , prof. ITMU ,Sector-23A,Gurgaon, Ex-Scientist-ISRO/DOS/GOI Mail ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Great concept and will go long way in improving the conditions of people with disability in our country.”

Harish , Mysore, Director India DPS,IEEE

“ Excellent examples of technology for humanity. Thanks and congratulations.”

Peter stacker,2012 IEEE Pres Elect


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