Eco-System Framework

The Eco-System Framework of the Sri Vishnu Educational Society is centered on creating a student enabled environment in all its constituent educational institutions. Towards this end, the society is making concerted efforts to create a veritable infrastructure of learning that would catalyze the holistic development of the student at the U.G. and P.G. levels. The framework is so structured as to nurture innovative thinking amongst all students.

The society is wholly committed to providing an enriched environment of learning to all the students passing through the portals of its educational institutions. The society reposes implicit faith in the potential of the students and has put in place a regimen to create or add value to the student by harnessing their talent through systemic training in terms of skill building, personality development, lateral thinking and career mapping. Identification and Enrichment of the innate talent of students – scholastic and otherwise - is the hallmark of the society's ethos and constitute the key drivers to the realization of the requirements - both institutional and corporate – in congruence with what was envisioned by the founders of the society.

In order to buttress its strengths and differentiators to stand out as the most preferred Educational Society, the society has set up centers of research and excellence such as the IBM Centre of Excellence, Anjani Powder Research Centre, Assistive Technology Laboratory, BVRIT Innovation Centre & Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. Such initiatives serve to hone the analytical skills of students and to help them think ' out-of-the-box '.

One of the main focus areas of the society is the institutionalization of early-stage small businesses by creating an ecosystem of resources and infrastructure to promote entrepreneurship amongst students. To realize this, a Technology Business Incubator has been set up under the aegis of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government Of India to support entrepreneurial and managerial development of MSMEs through incubators. Through these incubators students are given an opportunity to incubate new ideas relating to cutting edge technologies, develop hands-on skills and, as a logical corollary, increase their employability indices/levels.


Against this backdrop, the society is committed to nurture the students to be next generation leaders as also team players consistent with the dynamic requirements of the Corporate World. The society is of the firm conviction that the Ecosystem Framework envisaged encompasses all facets of the holistic development of students, who would contribute to the country’s growth as socially responsible citizens.

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